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Tired Landlord ready to sell their White Settlement TX home.

Tired Landlord ready to sell their White Settlement TX home.
Andy Cromer:
Hey, good afternoon. This is Andy Cromer with Starfish Group Properties. I’m over here in White Settlement TX today about to run to an appointment for a family that contacted our company that needs to sell a property. This is a rental property. They currently have family members that have been staying in the house but not necessarily paying rent, which can happen. So a lot of people ask, what do we do in our business, or how do we find houses, or what kind of clients we work with? And it’s a great question because I think I’ve heard that as many as 90 to 95% of homes are sold through the traditional means, meaning a real estate agent, a real estate broker, the house is listed on the MLS, advertised out. And then the family’s selling the house, makes it ready, get professional photos done. Then they have showings and open houses.

And we’ve just found that that five to 10% of the houses that don’t go the traditional method are there for just a number of reasons, such as today, a rental situation, but not a real rental situation, really just a family helping out family members. But for whatever reason, they’re not paying, and now the family has to sell the house. So, that’s just one area we work in is tired landlords, stressed landlords because it’s tough. With the moratoriums that have happened over the last year and a half or so, maybe going on two years now with COVID, it’s not fair to the landlord if the tenant’s not paying because the landlord is still paying the mortgage and the property taxes. So, they’re not getting paid by the tenant, so they’re left with all that responsibility. So, that’s just one of the reasons.

That’s why I’m here in White Settlement today. But our company Starfish Group Property specializes in those problem properties around Fort Worth TX. So, if you’re an owner of a property, whether it’s your primary residence, whether it’s a rental property, and you need to sell it, but you don’t want to pay an agent, you don’t want to make repairs, you don’t want to go through all the showings, you don’t want to pay for closing costs. We handle that as part of our offer, so we would love to work with you. So, if you have a tenant-occupied or a vacant property and you don’t want to go to the traditional method, give us a call. At least, then we can say we took our best shot at it. You took your best shot at it. And we know we’re not a fit for everybody. Again, we’re talking about five to 10% of the market that’s going to sell through a non-traditional method.

But that’s the role investors play. We can come in. We can buy the house as it sits today. You don’t have to make any repairs. You don’t have to do any other donations to Goodwill, giving furniture away, having a yard sale, having an estate sale, a garage sale. You can skip all of that if that’s what fits your lifestyle if that’s the decision you need to make. So we can account for everything in the house and take care of it once you move out. So, that’s part of our problem-solving capabilities as an investor. We can pay and let you stay another 30 days if you need time to move out if you’re in some kind of transition. But that’s where we come in. No repairs, no agent. We just like being flexible and helping people solve problems because we run into a lot of families that that’s exactly what they need. The traditional method of selling real estate is not going to fit their problems.

So if you have one of those problem properties, if you’re a tired landlord, if you inherited a property and you live out of state, and you don’t know what to do with it to get it sold, if you’re going through some kind of tough time in your family, whether it’s job loss, divorce, we’ve dealt with it all. We’re here to give you an alternate solution to the traditional means of real estate. And if we’re a fit wonderful. If we’re not, we understand that too. So, that’s what Starfish Group Property is about. We want to create solutions for you, give you solutions that may help your family, and that’s it. So, God bless you. Hope you have a great day. Call us anytime. You can call me direct at (817) 859-6677. My name is Andy Cromer, (817) 859-6677. Have a great day.
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